Thursday, 11 December 2014

About Me (I)

Hello, my name is Colin Chew Kai Yean, you can call me Colin. I enjoy working with my Lego during my pastime, the thing is, I hardly follow the manual when I assemble the product, if I do, I only do so once. After which, I’ll just build something using my imagination. I build cars, houses  and weapons like swords and daggers. I really enjoy working with Lego as it gives me space to create things and allow my creative side to take over. 

Of course, I don’t only explore endless possibilities with my Lego during my free time. I am a huge Manchester United fan and will try to catch a few, if not all their matches. Although there is a lot of criticism regarding their manager, Louis Van Gaal for not putting the team together well, I still admire his determination. Despite United's poor results lately, the players are still training hard to prove their worth. Despite that, they are also  not spared from the criticism. I still support them like what  I have been doing since I was 7, and hope to see and celebrate their success after every match 

I am decisive but impulsive at times. Although many people have told me that my impulsivity is a flaw, I beg to differ. Because of my impulsivity, I am able to complete what I set out to do with quality and speed. 

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