Sunday, 14 December 2014

A video clip that caught my attention

The True Science of Parallel Universes 

This video is about the proposed theories of the way parallel universes are placed and arranged.

  • That the term "universe" that most physicists use actually means "observable universe
  •  There are three unrelated, untested, proposed physical models for the universe. 
  • We can only exist in a universe which has the right physical laws for us to exist.  

Thursday, 11 December 2014

About Me (I)

Hello, my name is Colin Chew Kai Yean, you can call me Colin. I enjoy working with my Lego during my pastime, the thing is, I hardly follow the manual when I assemble the product, if I do, I only do so once. After which, I’ll just build something using my imagination. I build cars, houses  and weapons like swords and daggers. I really enjoy working with Lego as it gives me space to create things and allow my creative side to take over. 

Of course, I don’t only explore endless possibilities with my Lego during my free time. I am a huge Manchester United fan and will try to catch a few, if not all their matches. Although there is a lot of criticism regarding their manager, Louis Van Gaal for not putting the team together well, I still admire his determination. Despite United's poor results lately, the players are still training hard to prove their worth. Despite that, they are also  not spared from the criticism. I still support them like what  I have been doing since I was 7, and hope to see and celebrate their success after every match 

I am decisive but impulsive at times. Although many people have told me that my impulsivity is a flaw, I beg to differ. Because of my impulsivity, I am able to complete what I set out to do with quality and speed.